Sunday, 29 December 2013

Katana LX From Sanyo – Conserve Battery Life

Katana II was introduced in the Sanyo’s Katana line and following the hit of this model, the Katana LX was introduced as its successor. The device features, hidden OLED outer display and it has a narrower design with a mirrored finish thereby providing an attractive appearance. Even though, it is introduced as a successor, the LX model is thicker as compared to its predecessor and there is also a screen downgrade as well. It brings together, the Katana II and entry-level 3200 model from Sanyo. In other words, it can be pointed out as an entry-level phone with compact and stylish design. Some users point out that LX device is experiencing a shorter battery life and here are some tips that can help them to get out of the problem:

Experts say that if the Katana LX battery is experiencing shorter life, disabling some features from the device can be helpful. For doing the same, the users will have to press the ok/menu key. Then, visit the settings tab and press ok. Here, reducing the backlight timeout time can be helpful in improving the battery life. With the display highlighted, press OK. Then, the main screen should be highlighted before pressing ok. In addition to reducing the backlight timing, dimming the screen sooner can also help.

This device is coming with users manual, AC charger and a Lithium-ion battery in the pack. For users, who are looking for extended battery life, the replacement battery for Katana LX can be the great alternative. Nowadays, there are companies selling this battery via their website. The best thing here is that people looking for a replacement battery for their LX need not have to visit their local store for searching the product. Just an online search can be helpful in finding the stores dealing with this product. But, they should be careful about the selection of the right website for placing their order. This is because they should get the best replacement battery for extending the life of their Katana LX device.

When they purchase Katana LX battery from a reliable company, they can use it for many different models of Sanyo’s Katana. So, all it takes is a thorough internet search for finding a reliable website. Once they arrive at the best portal, they can purchase a battery that can last for several years to come. So, arrive at the best website and reap the benefits thereof.

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